IMpact of African Slaves

After slavery was done, the black population continued to grow and it left a significant impact on Mexico’s culture today. African slaves has very important impacts on the culture of music. According to a website, the lyrics in most songs were impacted by important traditions that the slaves made important. The festivals on the streets called Los Corridos in translation songs from the heart, the lyrics were basically written by the slaves. (Montiel). This evidence proves that they have a big impact on the culture that Mexico has right now. Another way that they impacted Mexico’s culture is by showing them new recipes which are still used now. During their time there, they introduced the citizens there to ingredients such as peanuts, plantains, cassava,malanga,taro, and sweet potatoes (Cocking). This information reveals that without the slaves making those ingredients popular in Mexico, many dishes that are known would not exist. The time that those slaves were in Mexico, made a big impact on the culture in Mexico today.

this is one of the popular corridos still known now


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