Slavery Experience

Slavery in Mexico was very popular, around 6,000 African slaves made it to Veracruz, Mexico. Enslaved people were used for jobs that others were too lazy to do. The Africans in Mexico were just considered as slaves, despite all the work they did. According to an article published by Journal Times, Mexico was one of the countries that the slave owners turned to, to acquire a lot more slaves. The slaves were brought from South America, specifically Cuba. Mexico was a very important port for ships with slaves (Sides). This explains the fact that many enslaved people were transported to Mexico so that more work would get done and more impact would happen. African slaves made Mexico as advanced as it is now. The slaves did so much work for the community and did the jobs that the slave owners were too lazy to do. As for the actual slave experience in Mexico, most of the slaves would stay in the city of Veracruz. Slaves were used for big jobs such as agriculture and mining. Women were used for jobs including but not limited to cooking, picking cotton and cleaning. Men were used for mining and transporting goods. (Lencheck). This evidence proves that slaves in Mexico did a lot of work to their best ability that built the Mexico we know today.

THis is an image of the slaves arriving at Mexico


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